Homework and Study Guides

Parents: Homework is posted for the week on Sunday evening or Monday mornings. Note: There may be times during the  school year when the homework assignments may change for a given day. For example,  the students may need more practice in a particular skill before we can move on as originally planned. In those instances, it is the student's responsibility to write down all homework and make noted changes in their planners as directed by their teachers. 




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1. Grammar Workshop page 36A

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1. Grammar Workshop page 40A


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 **The week of 9/18: There are no weekly spelling words this week.


 ***Language Arts IXL Assignments Week of 9/18:   H.2, R.1, Y.5, JJ.4


*** Math IXL Assignments week of 9/18: D.15, 5N8, M5R, D.7

Students are given class time to complete the assignment. The students can also work on them for homework. In order for a 100 to be entered into the gradebook, the students must achieve at least a 90% on their IXL assignment.


**Students who do not complete or hand in their IXL assignments on the specific due date will be given a 0 in Renweb. If the students make up the assignments, they will receive partial credit and 50% will be entered into Renweb for the assignment. If a student is absent, they will have the number of days they were out to show us the completed assignment. For example, if a student is out for 2 days, they will have 2 days to show us the completed IXL assignments.


Make-up Work

Students have the number of school days that they were absent to complete all make-up work due to absence. For example, if a child is absent for 3 days, then they will have 3 school days to make-up any missed assigments and turn them in. If a student is going to be absent for an extended number of school days, it is the students responsibility to meet with the teacher to organize a list of missed assignments and arrange an appropriate date to have all assignments completed and turned in. If the student does not complete an assignment in the required number of days when they return to school, a zero will be entered into Renweb. However, the students will still have the opportunity to compete the missed assignment for partial credit (50%).


Study Guides


Vocabulary Workshop Unit 2

1. Know the definitions

2. Be able to use the word in a sentence

3. Synonyms and/or Antonyms



Reading Test: Off and Running

-Be able to use context clues to determine the meanings of words.

-Compare and Contrast main characters

-Compare and Contrast campaign promises

-Be able to identify an idiom

-Be able to identify formal and informal language


Grammar Workshop Unit 1

-Be able to identify the 4 kinds of sentences and punctuate them. (Pages 8-11)

-Be able to identify the complete subject and the complete predicate in a sentence. (Pages 12-15)

-Be able to identify the simple subject and simple predicate in the sentence. (Pages 16-19)

-Be able to identify the subject in an imperative sentence. (Pages 20-23)

-Be able to identify the compound subjects in a sentence. (Pages 24-27)

-Be able to identify the compound predicates in a sentence. (Pages 28-31)

-Be able to identify a simple and and compound sentence. (Pages 32-35)

-Be able to identify a complex sentence. (Pages 36-39)

-Be able to correct fragments and run-ons. (Pages 40-43)


Social Studies: Chapter 1 The First Americans

-Be able to identify where the first American came from when they migrated to North America. (Page 7)

-Be able to recognize examples of how the American Indians changed their environment for what they needed. (Pages 10 and 11)

-Be able to recognize the characteristics of the lifestyles of the nomadic and stationary tribes. (Page 9)

-Be able to compare and contrast folklore and tradition (Pages 18 and 19)

-Know the term animism (Page 22)

-Be able to explain why the Green Corn Ceremony was celebrated. (Page 18)

-Be able to identify the men's, women's, and children's roles in daily life. (Pages 20 and 21)

-Be able to recognize the basic purpose of government. (Pages 26 and 27)

-Know the term economy (Pages 30 and 31)

-Be able to identify examples of an economy that helped people survive. (Pages 30 and 31)

-Know the term culture (Pages 17-18)

-Be able to identify the traditional customs of the various American Indian tribes (Pages 17-18)

-Be able to identify the aspects of the region where the Inuit and the Mound Builders settled. (Page 11)

-Be able to identify how the first Americans migrated to North America. (Page 7)

-Be able to explain why the first Americans migrated from Asia to North America. (Page 7)

-Be able to compare and contrast the lifestyles of the Nomadic and Stationary tribes. (Pages 8-9)









Chapter 3 Power Point 

https://userfiles-secure.educatorpages.com/userfiles/sdownes/Science Topic 3 PP Notes.pptx