Homework and Study Guides

Parents: Homework is posted for the week on Sunday evening or Monday mornings. Note: There may be times during the  school year when the homework assignments may change for a given day. For example,  the students may need more practice in a particular skill before we can move on as originally planned. In those instances, it is the student's responsibility to write down all homework and make noted changes in their planners as directed by their teachers. 


















  Text p. 226-227 if you didn't finish in class



  p.  173-174   


     workbook     p. 176


       p. 178

RELIGION    none      none       none        none
Science    none  


      none        none





  1. Grammar Workshop Page 96A






1. Vocabulary Workshop Page 41


1.Read the story "Everglades Forever" Journeys textbook pages 236-249


Social Studies None None None


1. None


 **The week of 12/2: There will not be any weekly spelling words given this week.


 ***Language Arts IXL Assignments Week of 12/5: G.1, Y.10, and Y.11 (Due Friday 12/9)


*** Math IXL Assignments week of 12/5:  H.1, JZE, F2P and H.2 (Due Friday 12/9)


Students are given class time to complete the assignment. The students can also work on them for homework. In order for a 100 to be entered into the gradebook, the students must achieve at least a 90% on their IXL assignment.


**Students who do not complete or hand in their IXL assignments on the specific due date will be given a 0 in Renweb. If the students make up the assignments, they will receive partial credit and 50% will be entered into Renweb for the assignment. If a student is absent, they will have the number of days they were out to show us the completed assignment. For example, if a student is out for 2 days, they will have 2 days to show us the completed IXL assignments.


Make-up Work





Study Guides


Vocabulary Workshop Unit 4

1. Know the definitions

2. Be able to use the word in a sentence

3. Synonyms and/or Antonyms


Reading: Everglades Forever

1. Be able to use context clues in sentences to determine the meanings of words

2. Be able to use context clues to determine the meaning of Domain-Specific words

3. Know the author's purpose in the article

4. Be able to analyze the text for comprehension and understanding


Grammar Workshop: Unit 3 Part I

Action Verbs (Pages 72-75)

 Be able to identify the action verb in the predicate part of the sentence.

Direct Objects (Pages 76-79)

Be able to identify the direct object in a sentence.

Simple Tense: Present (Pages 80-83)

Be able to write the correct form of the verb.

Simple Tense: Past (Pages 84-87)

Be able to write the correct form of the verb.

Simple Tense: Future (Pages 88-91)

Be able to write the correct form of the verb.

Linking Verbs (Pages 92-95)

Be able to identify the linking verb in the sentence.

Be able to identify the noun or adjective that the linking verb links to the subject.

Verb Phrases: Main Verbs and Helping Verbs (Pages 96-99)

Be able to identify the helping verb and the main verb in a sentence.

Progressive Forms of Verbs (Pages 100-103)

Be able to write the helping verb to form the progressive form of the verb.

Perfect Tense (Pages 104-107)

Be able to write the correct helping verb to form the perfect tense of a verb



Social Studies: Chapter 3 Part 1

Parents: This summative assessment will cover Chapter 3 Lessons 1 and 2 only. Social Studies book pages 88-105

Students will be given a hard copy of the study guide to complete and review in class.

1. Be able to recognize the goals of the Virginia Company (Page 101)

2. Treaty of Tordesillas: Be able to explain what this agreement was and which countries it involved. (Page 89)

3. Encomienda System: Know who started this system and what the system was (Page 91)

4. Be able to explain why missionaries were sent from Spain to New Spain(Page 93)

5. Know which town was the first established European town and where it is located.(Page 94)

6. Know what the first representative government that assembled in North America was called. (Pages 104-105)

7. Be able to place events throughout the two lessons in chronological order

8. Know the causes and effect of England wanting to establish colonies and find resources in North America just like Spain

(Page 99-100)

9. Explain why St. Augustine being near the Atlantic Ocean was an important and strategic location. (Page 94)

10. Be able to explain the turbulent relationship between the colonists and the American Indians (Page 95)

11. Be able to explain how the geography and weather patterns of Virginia helped to make tobacco a cash crop. (Pages 104-105)

12. Be familiar with the following people and vocabulary terms:

Virginia Dare                John Rolfe              Captain John Smith            Pocahontas            corn         tobacco             viceroy     Anglican


John White                  missionary               cash crop             assembled              Virginia Dare              class system     royal charter


finance                        indentured servant                House of Burgesses                    representative







Chapter 4 Power Point

https://userfiles-secure.educatorpages.com/userfiles/sdownes/Math/Math Chapter 4 PP Notes.pptx



Chapter 2 Power Point

https://userfiles-secure.educatorpages.com/userfiles/sdownes/Science/Topic 2 PP Notes.pptx



Chapter 4 Power Point

https://userfiles-secure.educatorpages.com/userfiles/sdownes/Religion/Religion Chapter 4 Notes.pptx


Chapter 19 Power Point

https://userfiles-secure.educatorpages.com/userfiles/sdownes/Religion/Religion Chapter 19 Notes.pptx