Field Trips


Field trips are a great way to extend learning into hands on experiences!


Enterprise Village:

This field trip is comprised of an economic educational program that provides a hands-on learning experience for children. We will spend 3 weeks in the the classroom learning how to write a check, balance a checkbook, open a savings account, manage a debit card, apply for a job in the village, write a newspaper ad, create a marketing ad for the business, devise a financial business plan, and work cooperatively with a group. These educational objectives are put into motion as the students spend one day at the village which is layed out similar to a shopping mall. During the business day, the students work in one of the businesses, are given 3 breaks, receive paychecks, and have the opportunity to be consumers by making purchases in the business-sponsored storefronts. This is one of the best educational experiences that the students will have the opportunity to participate in!


Field Trip Date: Tuesday, March 19th

Specific Details about the field trip will be sent out at a later date.