Retake Form

Retake Policy:

*Students who score lower than an 80% on a summative assessment may retake that assessment.

*Students are limited to 3 summative retakes each trimester.

*Parents and/or students are responsible for initiating the retake process. The application should be completed by the parent and the student, signed by the parent and the student, and returned to the examining teacher no more than two (2) school days after the grade is posted.

*5th Grade: Retakes are administered after school with the exception of student athletes who are required to complete retakes in the morning.



1. All notes, assignments, and formative assessments must have been completed prior to the original summative assessment.

2. Test corrections must be submitted along with the retake form within 2 school days of the grade being posted.

Retake Form Click Here: Retake Form.docx


Math Retake Test Corrections Directions retake instructions.docx